Box for cleaning and protecting a system of 100 l with “ZERO DRAIN”

The T-BOX ZERO 100 contains the magnetic filter T-MAG and the products PROTECT 1 and CLEAN 1, which are specific solutions for cleaning and protecting without draining, “ZERO DRAIN” procedure for no. 1 house (80 – 100 sq.m.) with a high temperature heating system.

This box includes

• No. 1 T-MAG filter;
• Kg. 0,5 of CLEAN 1, a dispersing, non-corrosive agent, which allows to the metal oxides present in the water system to lift into suspension;
• Kg. 0,5 of PROTECT 1, inhibitor with neutral pH. This product can avoid any corrosion phenomena, and protect from incrustations and gas formation. PROTECT 1 is BUILDCERT certified and guarantees the best system protection.
After installing the filter and the products introducing in the system water, T-MAG magnetic filter should be cleaned periodically in order to continue the cleaning, maintaining and protecting of the system.


• Magnetic filter with a 10.000 GAUSS powered magnet and a filtering basket of 450 micron
• Small sized magnetic filter easy to be installed and cleaned.
• Filter connections of 3/4″
• Products maximize energy efficiency
• Products with neutral pH
• Compliance with the current technical European standards


• PROTECT 1: 0,5%
• CLEAN 1: 0,5%


• PROTECT 1: 0,5 kg
• CLEAN 1: 0,5 kg
• T-MAG: 1 pc


Test kit to check the right quantity of TOPTHERM PROTECT 1